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Latest releases:
24 Dec 2015 : Stadium Super TrucksOh yea, Stadium Super Trucks baby! Merry Christmas from Smiffsden!

15 Feb 2015 : Classic late Model ModThe Classic Late Model Mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is conversion/port of the popular NASCAR Heat "G3 Classics" Mod made by DaveO of The Mod Squad.

25 May 2014 : Verizon Indycar SeriesAfter over a years work and thousands of man hours, Smiffsden and Nascar Design Grafx are proud to present the Verizon Indycar Series (Beta 0.9) for the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Game.

23 May 2013 : Pickup Truck Racing (UK)Whether you call them the UK Pickup Truck Racing Series, ASA Super Truck Series, or V8 Utes, these little babies are sure to set your heart racing...

20 May 2012 : Indycar Racing (v1.1)Fully updated successor to the original V8 Indycars, Smiffsden now brings you the Indycar Racing mod for Nascar Racing 2003 Game...

01 Jan 2011 : Warwagon 2.5Updates Warwagon to roughly reflect the modern day ones although it's not 100% accurate.

17 Aug 2010 : V8 Indycar SeriesAmerican Open Wheel fans may be interested in this, the V8 Indycars mod. Using PTA Physics with a realtime player car ride height fix, this mod was thrown together in a few weeks for the V8 Thunder Online Indycar Series.

26 Mar 2010 : ISS (International Single Seaters) BetaISS stands for International Single Seaters, this mod was my first attempt at bringing decent looking OWR cars to the NR2003 sim.