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South Boston Speedway 2020 - Day & Night

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PROJECT: Short Track proudly presents another in our series of iconic American short tracks for NR2003.... Virginia's South Boston Speedway! This ultra fast and tight 0.40 mile NASCAR speed plant boasts a rich racing history. It has been on our update to-do list for quite some time now and we have poured a ton of detail into this makeover project. Over 150 improvements, enhancements and changes have been made in these new 2019 day and night versions of South Boston. Here's just a short list highlighting the new things you'll immediately notice:

All new billboards and scoreboard objects with accurate 2019 sponsor graphics.
All new wall graphics and ads to closely duplicate how they were for the 2019 WMT event there.
Optional 2020 NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series graphics drop-in files.
New grandstands and 3d crowd objects throughout.
All new frontstretch main tower objects.
All new turn 1 "Winston Suite" building object.
All new building objects throughout retextured to resemble their real-life counterparts.
Accurate new catch fence texture.
New animated waving flags above the main grandstand.
New Light towers.
New accurate paint lines to resemble how they currently are at SoBo.
New higher definition 3D tree objects.
Improved and more accurate areas around outside of track.
Added realistic shade and shadow highlights for afternoon racing and dynamically lit objects.
Improved night environment with PST session progressive night skies.
Enhanced and improved a.i. featuring 2 racing grooves.
Improved infield pit stalls.
Realistic team haulers accurately duplicated from their real-life counterparts.
Plus many more new objects, detailing and features too numerous to mention.

In addition to the realistic visual experience you will quickly observe while driving on this track, you will also notice how tight and fast the racing at South Boston really is. You will need to be "up on the wheel" from the drop of the green flag until the checkers fly. There are 2 good racing grooves that allow for good passing opportunities on the inside or outside. We have also provided good baseline Fast setups to get you immediately competitive with the A.I.. South Boston features a starting grid of 35 cars, so try to qualify well or you will have your work cut out for you making it up through the pack.

WARNING. Highly Detailed Graphics Rich Track. In an effort to duplicate the details of the real South Boston Speedway facility and capture as much immersion as possible for the end user, we have poured a ton of high-resolution objects and detailing into this project. Please be advised that this track may tax the ability of some computers. We apologize in advance if this is the case for you. If you are experiencing difficulty running this track and your frame rates are dropping below 30 FPS, we might recommend installing the 4GB Patch offered at (

As is the case on all of our PST projects, my friends Ben Althen, Ian Smythe, Mike Ehresman and Wayne Anderson also spent considerable time making miscellaneous contributions to this project. To get the most enjoyment out of racing on South Boston 2019 PST, I also want to remind everyone to PLEASE read the CREDITS README file provided with the track for very important info on the A.I., the challenges they may present and how to get the best experience from it.

So check another of America's premier short tracks off your list of short tracks in need of updating for NR2003. The PROJECT: Short Track Team has delivered yet again and we know you won't be disappointed! Enjoy the tight racing action at America's Hometown Track from the "guys who make short track racing a virtual reality"!


South_Boston_2019d_PST.rar (Day track)
South_Boston_2019n_PST.rar (Night track)