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Homestead-Miami Speedway V8

This is an update to the Homestead-Miami Speedway, the race starts during the day, and after about a hour get's dark, if you leave it running long enough, it'll also go through dawn back to daytime, track signage is not accurate, this track was produced for League racing first and foremost.

The original Homestead-Night_V8 track was created from the sledgehammer walls PWF version, and converted to night by JRFranklin, Bowtie did some 3do updates too. JR kindly gave me permission to modify the track.

  • Full day to night, and night back to day track transitions (if you run the race long enough).
  • New Pit Entry/Exit & Caution lights.
  • Whelen Pit Entry lights & flagger official at Pit Commitment line in turn 3 AND Pit Entry.
  • Adjusted Camera positions.
  • Added 3D pitwall & garage access points on pit road.
  • Modified 3D Crowd
  • Adjusted Pacecar position and behavior.
  • Added new not quiet so in your face blinding bright lights.
DAY to NIGHT: The Day to Night transition is active all the time, so long as you have TSO's on some or all, this is because during our league races we have 90 minutes of practice before the race so it is active to give the guys time to check their settings, our races usually last 90 minutes so the transition is timed for this period.

Virtually everything is transitional from day to night, including the grandstands, long distance objects, etc.

The normal AI are untouched, jrfranklin did a great job of them originally (as usual!).

Track logo's are NOT accurate, this is a league edition track so there are no Chase to the Cup logo's, and our league logo's are on the grass.

This track was every-so-slightly updated today to correct the error where the AI cars would not qualify, if you already have the track you don't need to re-download it, to correct the error change the qualifying stall value in the track ini file to stall_qual_exit = 219.83 38.97 0.00

Homestead_Day_to_Night_V8.exe (Installer, 30.22MiB)
ImageVideo (click to play):