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Pickup Truck Racing (UK)


23rd May 2013 - v1:

Introducing the Pickup Truck Racing mod, or perhaps you'd like to call them V8 Utes, or ASA Super Trucks, whatever you choice, here they are...


First launched in 1997 as part of the Eurocar package from SHP Motorsports, the Pickup series is for purpose built 230bhp racing specials. A tubular spaceframe chassis follows well-proven SHP Motorsport principles and the racers are pushed along by a 2 litre multi-valve twin-cam engine. Weighing in at just 900kg, these dramatic machines place the emphasis firmly on driver ability.

The racing is fast and furious and the racing Pickups have won the hearts of race fans and drivers alike throughout Europe, but still the series remains relatively unknown outside the sport.

Visually the trucks take a lot of features from their American cousins, so this mod will hopefully fill the void for both European and American fans by serving as not only a simulation of the Pickup Sports UK Series but also of the numerous, short track based Super Truck Series that run throughout the U.S.A. and the V8Utes Series that runs down under.

Pickup Sport Trucks only have one body style, with subtle manufacturer specific mouldings on the grill serving as the difference (which was intruduced in 2012), in order to create a mod that performs over a wide range of machines, the model is based on the pre-2012 design of a generic truck, body styling of manufacturers will be left to the (far better than mine) talents of the painting community.


Some parts of this mod were sourced from the CWS mod files Smoke-OR sent to me some time ago, so a very big thank you to Smoke-OR for his contributions to this mod. Some cockpit textures were modified from Shane's (Revamped Reloaded) NCWTS09 Textures Update.

This does of course mean the CWS mod has not been forgotten or given up on, but there is far more work to do on that than this one so it will take longer to finish.

Due to the shortage of photo's of the actual 2013 Pickup Trucks, there are only a handful in the carset, the carset is padded out with a fully rated collection of replica schemes from the V8Thunder online league's Sprint Cup Series drivers, most Cup Drivers feature.

The set is rated to V8Thunder 2013 results and compatible with all Smiffsden and Project Short Track releases, usually running at between 96-100% Opponent Strength depending on your preferences.

Wheels are not paintable, in the UK Series all wheels are brushed chrome silver.

I would like to extend acknowledgement and thanks to Shane at Revamped Reloaded and Denis Rioux ( for permission to modify and use some of their dashboard textures from their respective NCTS09 mod & textures update packs in this mod.

I'd also like to give acknowledgement to Bill Martin for putting up with countless emails back and forth trying to fix a small visual bug on 3 screen rendering, sadly we couldn't fix it this time, but intend to keep working on it.


In the mod are two models, two for the player, and two for the AI, these are as follows:

0 Chevrolet : AI and online use
1 Dodge : AI and online use

2 Ford : Offline Player Use
3 Pontiac : Offline Player Use

To use the ride height fix, ALL AI CARS should be car make 0 or 1 (Chevy, Dodge), the PLAYER car (i.e. YOUR CAR) should be make 2 or 3, this is nothing complicated, no magic or exe hacking, it's simply that carmakeid 2 & 3 is jacked up so that when you get on track, your car is visually the same height as the AI, thus creating a realtime ride height fix.

If you are racing online, then everybody online should be using 0 or 1, anybody who uses make 2 or 3 online looks like a supertruck on steroids, to fix online replays there is a tutorial on my website which involves hex editing one bit in the replay file, it's quiet easy to do and will restore your car to the same ride height as everybody else in the race.

There is one car in the carset, car number #00, which should be selected as the offline player car, import your paint to this model.


In order to get the car geometry looking right, the car model is ever so slightly bigger than the physical collision box ingame, so you can sometimes overlap another car if you get close enough, think of it as a get out of jail free card, this also gives the appearance of a really long wheelbase :D


Contains no LOD's for Video making or broadcasting, but if your PC is good enough, can also be used to improve eyecandy while racing. Rename make_a_video.3do to make_a_gns.3do to use, to disable use and revert to original, rename back to make_a_video.3do


The driver side netting in cockpit view suffers from a slow draw-in issue on 3 screen setups.

I strongly advise reading through the readme first which explains the cockpit view and layout clearly.



Devolpment Team:
Ian Smythe
JR Franklin
Kris Vickers
Alex Pab
Sergey Rebrov
Dave Reuille
Bill Martin

Paint Template:
Ian Smythe
Dave Reuille

Carset Painting:
Ian Smythe

To anyone else whom we may have unintentionally neglected to mention but contributed in the creation of objects or textures that have been borrowed from other NR2003 projects for this project, we sincerely apologise. Although you were not mentioned individually, your contributions to NR2003 and this track are greatly appreciated.

We owe a debt of gratitude to each of you for your contributions, time, support and help.

If you appreciate our work, please consider a small donation to help with the costs of keeping the Smiffsden server running, thank you.



Pickup Trucks GNS Physics:
ptruk_gns.7z (7zip Archive 27.4MB)

Pickup Trucks CTS Physics:
ptruk_cts.7z (7zip Archive 27.4MB)

PSD Template & Carviewer:
ptruk_templates.7z (7zip Archive 4.6MB)

NINE alternative make templates by Bill1947 of
(lots of other goodies at Bill's site for the Pickups too):
ptruk_templates2.7z (7zip Archive 32MB)

Pacecar Template & Carviewer x-Files:
ICR_Pacecar.7z (7zip Archive 3.74MB)

NEW 3DSMax 8 Metal Ray Scene by Darren (Rogue-OR):
ptruk_MetalRay.7z (7zip Archive 9.55MB)