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Mallory Park Oval

This is a fun little 1 mile oval located in the English countryside, the track is very European in nature.

Mallory Park is located in Kirkby Mallory not far from Leicester, England. It is a 1.2 mile clockwise road course, originally built in 1955 by Clive Wormleighton, in 1957 a link road between The Esses and Devil's Elbow waa built to make a 1 Mile Oval. The Oval was rarely used past 1965 but in the 1990's the BRSCC's "Eurocar" series (something similar to present day ARCA) started and the V6 and V8 Eurocars ran the Oval Anti-Clockwise while the V6 Trucks and Legends ran Clockwise, races were also held for EuroFirst, Formula Ford, and Mini's but when Eurocars imploded the Oval was once again relagated to an unused track in favour of the full Clockwise road course.

This track uses hundreds of Textures, X-Sections, Walls and Geometry changes, as such it's a FPS Killer and might not work too good on anything less than a dual core machine with a decent graphics card. Most people find that switching off reflections will drastically improve the FPS.

This track has been tuned for running all series but mostly aimed at running for the V8 Thunder online league, therefore CUP & GNS track conditions and tyre wear are challenging :) . The Ai runs ok but have some issues in CUP mod which will be addressed soon, in GNS and CTS mode the AI are tuned to run close to that of a V8Thunder league race pace at 100% if the AI ratings are around 85%+, lower than this and you'll probably need to increase the AI speed, but this will result in them crashing a lot, especially on the exit of turn 4.

To put it politely, this track is intended for online league use but does work with AI.

The track is bumpy and is modelled as closely to the real Mallory Park Oval from telemetry data and onboard video's as much as the Papyrus Sandbox track building software allowed, the track is modelled on the late 1990's layout used by Eurocar and does not include the hairpin or chicanes put in to slow the bikes down in 2000 ish, it does include the new buildings constructed in 2008 though (as they were easier to make and I'm lazy).

There are none haha!, we don't have them in Europe, we have slightly mad people called Marshall's who stand in all weathers waving flags at drivers (who normally take no notice of them), so the track has this too, the only drawback is they will wave all flags at you, so when the starter waves the white flag, they all will, I suppose this could be useful, but you better make sure the guy on the start/finish line is waving a chequered flag at you before stopping at the end of the race.

We also have SC (Safety Car) boards that these nice people's colleagues hold up when the track is under caution, so watch out for the SC boards too, if you're not listening to your spotter, then you'll know it's one to go because the guys with the SC boards will put them away but the flag guys will still be holding a yellow flag, that's if your not close enough to see the pace car lights - SC means Safety Car, some stupid name Max and Bernie came up with because they didn't want to be seen as copying the American way of doing things by calling it a Pace Car.

I may joke as I've been one but in all seriousness Marshall's do an outstanding job and without them Motor Racing would not exist, they don't get paid for this either, read more here:

Eurocar races never featured pit stops due to the short pitlane at Mallory, which ran from pit entry in game to the bridge, the track therefore has a Nascar style pitlane which can fit 43 cars at a push, it runs through where the old control tower buildings were in the 1990's so the new buildings might not be in exactly the right place.

The pit entry commit line is the double green cones on the exit of Turn 4, you must drive between these sets of cones when entering the pits or you will get a penalty. The yellow line and orange cones marks the start of the pit lane speed limit.

The yellow line and orange cones marks the end of the pit lane speed limit. The single green cones indicate the blend line, basically you can blend out onto the track immediately.

The Lakes can be got into just like a few people have over the years.

You can drive just about anywhere, but if you do decided to venture off to try and find the burger van or to try and find Leicester, stay driving in the direction of the track, if you drive against the flow of traffic the game will automatically black flag you.

AI do not give any quarter, if you're in their way they'll move you, and they make mistakes and run wide etc. this is normal. If you get stuck in one of the lakes and are racing online, if the game does not do it automatically call the tow truck otherwise the race will likely never go back to green while you're stuck on the "apron".

Hillcrest Racing - some of the grass/track textures were either sourced from, or modified from textures found in Hillcrest Racings's Road America track.

Denis Rioux from - for permission to modify his 3d crowd and use the Snap-on tool box from his GN70 Pitcrew (have a drive around the paddock, you'll find them).

Carl "Mr_Too_Slow" Sundberg & Simon Topham - for putting up with my endless supply of stupid questions, helping me test the track and sort out the track ini stuff.

Andrew Jones & Erwin Greven for painting the V8Thunder Team Trucks in the paddock.

The V8 Thunder League drivers, too many to mention, who acted as unwitting beta testers.

Mallory_Park_Oval_V8.exe (Installer, 13.7MiB)
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