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NR2003 CUP Setups

As we race the 2012 V8Thunder Trophy Series online (we follow the Sprint Cup schedule), I will add the setups I use here,
you can check the results of the races here (I am the #06).

We run the races at 50% distance, 2x wear, with real race weather, every Thursday after at 8pm UK Time (approx. 3PM EST).
Wonna race me? Join V8Thunder.

Round 01 : IanS_CUP_Daytona_V8_69F.cup.sim (Cloudy, 69F, Wind 8mph NE)
Round 03 : IanS_Cup_Las_Vegas07_70F_10S.cup.sim (Clear, 70F, Wind: South 10 mph)
Round 04 : IanS_CUP_Bristol_Night_SBP07_68F_2W.cup.sim (Cloudy, 68F, Wind: South 2 mph)