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Chicagoland Speedway 2011

This is a fully updated Chicagoland track for NR2003 scratch built from the original.

The track was originally built for the V8Thunder league in 2010, and updated for the 2011 race, after we had a lot of fun racing online with this version, JRFranklin lent his AI expertese again tuning them up for a fantastic offline racing experience.

  • Updated to 2011 specification (safer barrier, trackside logos etc.)
  • Full day to night transition graphics (with Day only option)
  • Added multigroves to allow for lots of side by side running.
  • Many TSO's have been updated or improved.
  • New track, wall & sky textures, lights, crowd blah blah blah.
  • Optimized 3D crowd models
  • Whelen Pit Entry/Exit light system with flagger.
  • Updated cameras
  • Rotating scoring tower (All trackside objects only)
  • Day to Night transitional Blimp (look but don't stare)
Day only version:
  • Removed the 24 hour sky and day-night-day mips/objects, reducing the track size from 84.4MB to 21.6MB
  • Added the Martinsville late afternoon sky
  • Adjusted track/object shadows to match sun position
Night only version:
  • Night only version of track

WARNING: As with most Day to Night tracks, it is CPU/GFX intensive, only more modern machines will be able to run it, you will need to have your drawing distance set to at least 80% to see the Sky properly, and yes, it's always a night time Sky in the mirror, it's a limitation of the game....


As with all SDT Day to Night tracks, PFT files are supplied for a faster transition and a day only one is included: Chicagoland_2011_SDT_x2speed.ptf and Chicagoland_2011_SDT_dayonly.ptf should be renamed to Chicagoland_2011_SDT.ptf to use them, there are no camera flashes from the crowd in the Day version, as you can't see them during the day, it didn't seem logical to leave them in the track.

We would like to thank J-Rock from for permission to use his turn 1 Miller Deck model in this track.

As ever, JRFranklin has spent considerable time working on the Cup, GNS and CTS AI for this track and has again produced gems who are both realistic to race with and have the occasional wreck all on their own, however your attention is drawn to the following...

Important notes about the A.I.:
The A.I. for this track were constructed using a default papy_ai.ini and the default fast setups for each physics (CUP, GNS and CTS) and the opponent strength set at 97%. Ratings for the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series car sets used in testing and in developing the A.I. for this track are from the NRatings program using the MasGrafx Full Season V3.1 formulas. We went to great efforts to make the AI and racing as realistic as possible. At the same time, we also took some liberties with the A.I. tools available in the track.ini to enhance the "fun" factor. We're confident that you'll enjoy the offline racing experience against the AI the way we have set them up for you. To enjoy the best results, we recommend that you use the default fast setups provided with the track and car sets containing ratings as described above. Your results, however, may vary depending on the type of mod used, the ratings of your specific car set, different setups used, driving style and countless other variables that make it practically impossible to predict the results that you will achieve while racing on this track. Enjoy the ride!


This can be seen on all graphics levels but the amount of objects detail varies depending what level you are on.

You will see the Day to Night transition only and no other trackside objects.

As above but with some added infield RV's, some objects will not transition to save FPS.

Everything including the Full switching on lighting system, Pitlane Club, Haulers, 3D Crowd, and their cameras.


Known Issues:
There is always a night sky in your mirror, even during the day, again this is a limitation of the games graphics engine - blame Papyrus - oh we can't can we?

You should turn off Solar Effects and Fog, and have a minimum of 80% drawing distance to see the DtN Sky properly.

The billboards are best guess, they're not quiet in the right position, but then this isn't a laser scanned track.

There is only a Blimp, no helicopters, this feature was added very late (the morning of release infact!).

This is also another track that was originally created back in late 2009/early 2010 and has been updated over time so there are things missing, or not quiet right, but it's as close as we can get given the limited reference material available.


Report to Smiffsden facebook page.

Track Development:
Ian Smythe

A.I. Development:
J.R. Franklin

Beta Testing:
J.R. Franklin
Ian Smythe
All the League drivers.
jwhop3 @
robo19 @
gil @

Cup, GNS & CTS A.I. courtesy J.R. Franklin
Turn 1 Miller Deck courtesy J-Rock from
Crowd mip courtesy BOWTIE:

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Chicagoland_2011_SDT.7z (7zip Archive 45.6 MB) (Day to Night)

Chicagoland_2011_SDT_Day.7z (7zip Archive 9.14 MB)

Chicagoland_2011_SDT_Night.7z (7zip Archive 8.22 MB)