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Ferrari 330 mod by c'one from 2004

This is the Ferrari 330 Mod from way back in 2004 by c'one.

It was decided to archive it here because all the other download locations seem to be dying and this mod is slightly special with it's modified exe which fixes a lot of issues with the strange handling PTA based physics (It doesn't fix the ride height, that's done in the mod itself).

Extracts from the installer:
The 330 P4 was created by Ferrari after the sound beating they recieved from the Ford GT40s at Le Mans in 1966. Sporting a 450 horsepower 4 litre V12, this rocket was very lightweight at only 1,742 lbs. While the Ferraris creamed the GT40s at the 24 hours of Daytona the next year (coming in 1-2-3), but they never took Le Mans from Ford, coming in 2nd in 1967.

Notes: This mod has 4 car bodies, 2 of which are for the PLAYER, and for OFFLINE racing ONLY. If you let the AI use these cars, or race them online, they will appear like they are 4x4 with a very high suspension. These cars are denoted with "offline only" in the Opponent Manager, and do not make up the carset.

Here is how they are broken out:
Chevrolet - raised closed cockpit
Dodge - raised open cockpit
Ford - regular closed cockpit
Pontiac - regular open cockpit

A special exe file has been included (Ferrari330_noCD_v1.0.exe), and has a shortcut on the desktop. If you run the mod using this file, it will simulate the performance of the Ferrari 330 P4. The car actually has only 5 gears, but the garage shows 6. 6th gear is inmaterial, it will not be used during racing.

Known Bugs: - AI and player carfiles have different ride heights. This is a bug with the original game, we can do nothing about that Car wheels and spoilers may still appear to sink into pavement at times.

- Damage box is not quite correct. Cars may make contact with other cars before apparent physical contact is made. Be careful online.

ferrari330_v1.1.exe (Installer 19.5 MB)