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Kingsport Speedway - Day & Night

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The PROJECT: Short Track development team has ventured down south to the hills of Tennessee for our latest short track release, Kingsport Speedway, commonly referred to as the "Concrete Jungle" for its concrete surface, walls and grandstands. This project was started almost 7 years ago by PST member, Ian Smythe. However, real life priorities caused the project to be put on the back burner and eventually abandoned. Recently, there have been calls from the NR2003 sim community for a version of Kingsport for NR2003. A fan and regular patron of the speedway, Dave Spears, contacted me to see if the project could be resurrected and wanted to know if he could help in any way. I told him for that to happen, we would need numerous reference photos of the facility. Dave came through in a big way providing about a hundred hi-res photos of just about every aspect of the track and facilities.

As a result, the project finally came together. The track is a fun 0.375 mile moderately banked concrete oval with infield pit roads on the front and backstretch of the track. It features stalls for a 24-car starting field, which is about average for most events at Kingsport. In addition to the A.I. work, PST has once again gone to great lengths to try to duplicate every detail of the Tennessee speed plant to provide a satisfying and immersive racing experience in both the look and racing "feel" of the track.

It's important to note that there is a "quirk" you'll experience while racing on Kingsport. During caution periods, the pacing line speeds up, then slows and sometimes stops before speeding back up again to pacing speed. It is even more pronounced when A.I. cars are pitting. While this behavior can be a bit annoying at times, it will not inhibit your total enjoyment of racing on Kingsport now that you've been made aware of it up front. I can assure you, I have tried everything possible to eliminate this and have had success in minimizing the effect, but have not been able to totally cure it. It is unfortunately not uncommon in some short tracks under one half mile in NR2003.

Finally, we have included some optional files you may want to try like different track shots and track logos. In the night version, there are several different combinations of night sky files you can drop into the track to give you fresh and different night or early evening racing environments.

Once again special thanks go out to Ian Smythe for creating the base track and several objects I used to mold the project into it's final product. I also want to thank Dave Spears for all of the reference photos he took and for creating the graphics for all of the billboards you will see in the track.

PLEASE read the CREDITS README file provided with the track for the very important info on the A.I. and how to get the best experience from it. It also includes interesting background and history on Kingsport Speedway.

It has been our pleasure recreating yet another important Southern based short track for NR2003. Enjoy your racing experience at the "Concrete Jungle!"

J.R. Franklin and The PROJECT: Short Track Development Team
Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman and Ian Smythe


Kingsport.7z (7zip Archive Day/Night Track 40.2MB)