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ISS (International Single Seaters) Beta

Final public beta. Image

Changes since last build:
Rebuilt from ground up too many changes and improvements to mention, 3 full models now ingame.

Why 3 models?
Because adding a 4th model, really hit fps a lot (20% drop) for no real reason (polycount was actually LESS on the 4th car so this shouldn't have happened), car 4 is therefore a direct copy of car 2 (The BAR-Honda).

New Features:
Full damage.
Data display on steering wheel, if turning wheel off, you will get a non-moving wheel but the displays will still work.
Data display cannot be displayed on external views on the wheel, so it is mounted on the cockpit, probably easier to see.

To do:
Not much, a nice backdrop would be good if you fancy it, oh and paint some cars.
Maybe add fuel low to the display.
The only other thing I can remember at mo is to put the static low poly steering wheel into the external view (roofcam) as it isn't there at the moment.

Physics: Cup.

Set your FOV to it's maximum (78) and don't complain about the seat position, although the Benetton had quiet a high cockpit, this has been adjusted in the cockpit view so that you can actually see the wheels which you couldn't without raising the seating position, which in turn cocked up all the other cars. They really don't see a lot out these cars, and it does feel as if you're sitting on the front nose compared to a stock car, so it may take sometime to adjust, just ask Danica.

This item is not longer being developed.

Download links:
ISS_Beta_build_260310.rar (RAR Archive, 3.95MiB)

ISS_Scene_Template.rar (Basic & Brazil 3DSMax8 Scene, 8.15MiB)