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V8 Indycar Series

American Open Wheel fans may be interested in this, the V8 Indycars mod. Using PTA Physics with a realtime player car ride height fix, this mod was thrown together in a few weeks for the V8 Thunder Online Indycar Series.

  • Concept Indycar model
  • Realtime PTA/CUP ride height fix
  • Digital display in cockpit
  • Dual Physics (one click switch between PTA/CUP)
  • Full damage
  • 2048 Template
  • New fully animated high detail driver model (including arms, hands, legs and feet)
  • High detailed "Video" model included for video/screenshots
  • Viewable/moving drive shafts (working on suspension)

Image   Image   Image   Image

Small note about ride height fix: The ride height fix only works when playing offline against AI. If racing online, everybody should use a "unfixed" car (Chevy/Ford/Dodge), if you use chassis 4 online (Pontiac) then you will look like a tank to everybody else.

Download Links:

V8_Indycars_PTA.exe (installer, 17.43MiB)

V8_ICS_Carviewer.rar (carviewer files, 1.88MiB)

V8_INDYCARS_GIMP-PSP.rar (Gimp/PSP Template, 3.4MiB)

V8_INDYCARS_PSD_V1.rar (PSD Template, 3.95MiB)

V8_ICS_Basic_3DMax.rar (Basic 3DSMax8 Scene, 1.32MiB)